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Customers are calling it "a work of art", "stunning", "never seen anything like it", "a magical blend of statistics and color", "makes astrology appear in a whole new light"...

"Just wanted to let you know that the new color CW is really incredible. I am just starting to use it, and I spent about an hour going over all the additional material and design features yesterday. I absolutely love it. It's expanded in all the right places and the new information is great. I especially like the added advice around the long term transits and life cycles."

"This is the first time I've gone out to your website, and it's great to see all the testimonials and reviews from Astrologers and magazines. I'm glad you've gotten the attention and respect you deserve. The CW is by far the very best of it's kind, and I've worked with at least a dozen over the years. And this new version is worth every penny. Carry on..."

A Cosmic Window page:


Categories for Your

Most Favorable/Least Favorable
Activity Each Month

  • Communication
  • Solitude
  • Creativity
  • Enlightenment
  • Travel
  • Romance/Social
  • Mental Work
  • Initiative/Decisions
  • Self Expression
  • Financial Decisions
  • Relaxation/Nature
  • Sexual Activity
  • Physical Exercise
  • Nourishment/Receptivity
  • !!Caution!!
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  • Examples of Personal Major Cycles

    During this period PLUTO is forming a 90° SQUARE to your natal SUN. This is a time in which you may be clarifying what is no longer essential for you as you express your life purpose. This highly significant (though not always obvious) period represents a potential death and rebirth of your sense of "I-am"-ness. The Sun, the core of your sense of self, is being challenged by Pluto to enter the underworld, to penetrate to the roots or source of your way of living. It is possible that intense relationships at this time may be a vehicle for learning the lessons of power called for (i.e., being strong, willful, determined versus being dominant, manipulative, or oppressive). This is a time to strongly re-affirm and to act on your willed intention to be the person you authentically are capable of being. Whatever might be lost now is likely to have been preventing you from doing that. Where do you want to focus the increased energies of will that can be available now?

    Origin; birth (0°) Oct 67 - Jun 69
    Emergence (45°) Sep 74 - Jul 75
    Organizing (60°) Oct 86 - Jul 87

    During this period URANUS is TRINING your natal MOON. This is a major time of change in which you should look for ways to assimilate new experiences. You are likely to be called upon to adjust to changes in your life. They may be external or internal, meaning you could feel restless or a desire for stimulation. The playful inner Child, your instinctive knowing, and spontaneity can re-awaken now. New feelings may present themselves now; are you receptive? Look to some routine or structure in your life to give you a sense of stability, because it is likely that you will need that security in order to be flexible, as this time calls for. Even physical changes may occur at this time; for women it may sometimes mean pregnancy or childbirth.

    Origin; birth (0°) Jul 71 - Jan 72
    Emergence (45°) Oct 81 - Feb 82
    Organizing (60°) Sep 84 - Mar 85
    Test, crisis (90°) Aug 91

    During this period NEPTUNE is forming a 60° SEXTILE to your natal JUPITER. Your plans and goals can now be opened up to a more inclusive perspective, while your intuition and imagination are fertile and can stimulate your receptivity to creative or spiritual impressions. You may feel drawn to commit yourself to being of greater service to others. It is quite possible that this period will bring uncertainty about your future, because your expectations are in transition and may need time to clarify. If escape is your preference, that can also be accomplished quite easily now as well. This is a good time for experiencing the Truth contained in religious or philosophical teachings, behind the words and symbols.

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    Take a look at what Bill Clinton's COSMIC WINDOW would be telling him during JANUARY 1998 (compiled Jan. 23, 1998):

    For December 1 - 16, 1997:

    During this period URANUS is forming a 120° TRINE to your natal MARS. The principles of freedom and originality can be blended with your initiative and activity. This can be a creative time for you, if you are not afraid to take risks and to break new ground. You may feel inspired to act differently than "normal" expectations, though your activities may be easily scattered if you cannot maintain a focus. Look for possibilities allowing greater freedom of action, and experiment with how you work or express yourself. If you are not experiencing more freedom, you are probably overlooking an opportunity. See if you can integrate the changes happening now.

    AFFIRM: I do what I believe to be right.

    For December 6, 1997 - January 3, 1998:

    During this period PLUTO is SEXTILE (60°) your natal NEPTUNE. This is a difficult period to describe. It may bring no noticeable changes to some people, while for others it can represent a breakthrough in spiritual development. Much would depend first of all on how important or meaningful transpersonal growth is to you. By that is meant the seeking of some goals which are beyond personal satisfaction. It is hard to know what to expect. If you are on a spiritual path, this is an optimal time to attune yourself to the global transformations taking place, rather than focusing only on your individual advancement. This is an excellent period for seeing through illusions (yours or others') and for finding the Will to persevere with the essential purpose of your dreams or ideals. One use of this symbolism would be to visualize yourself acting with purpose and determination, to imagine your transformation daily.

    AFFIRM: Let Truth be the master of my life.

    For December 20, 1997 - January 9, 1998:

    During this period URANUS is OPPOSING your natal MERCURY. The principles of freedom and originality need to be blended with your thinking and communication. This can be a creative time for you, if you are not afraid to think for yourself and to speak your mind. You may find your nervous energy high and your activities may be easily scattered if you cannot maintain a focus, but your mind is likely able to perceive differently than consensus reality. The question is really how you react to this. There is a higher likelihood for disagreements with others and possible impatience when others cannot see what you see. This is likely not to be the most stable time for you mentally, but it sure can be exciting or stimulating. Above all, be open to exploring new areas of thought or to speaking your truth, giving a voice to your individuality. It is possible that someone will serve as a stimulus for mental growth. Perhaps you will find it useful to experiment with new ways of communicating.

    AFFIRM: I flow with the Will of my deeper Self.

    For December 26, 1997 - January 5, 1998:

    JUPITER is forming a 120° TRINE to your natal JUPITER. This is an excellent time for faith, optimism, or insight into your future. Trust your enthusiasm and hunches, and see what you want to express of your ideals or plans now. They should meet with a positive reaction. Tap your reserves of optimism and trust in yourself and the Universe. Take care to be realistic and to be aware of your limits, as there can sometimes be a tendency to over-do or to be carried away by the enthusiasm of this time. You can expand your horizons by traveling, learning, or risking expression in new areas. This is an excellent time for broadening your understanding of life as you assimilate experiences (like chewing up food to absorb nutrients). This increased insight can bring greater clarity to your plans or expectations.

    AFFIRM: I am guided by an unfolding inner purpose.

    For January 1 - April 21, 1998 (exact at the time of the State of the Union speech):

    During this period PLUTO is forming a 120° TRINE to your natal MERCURY. This is a good time for any focussed or concentrated mental work, perhaps studying or meditation. You should be able to get your ideas across and to influence others with your words. Your words have power. Your ways of thinking or perceiving may be able to reach deeper levels of understanding and thus to let go of ideas which you can now see were only partially true. This is a good time for investigation, research, or trying to answer the deeper questions of life. Try not to be attached to old concepts or methods of communication if you want to take advantage of this time. This is also a good time to talk or write about something you may have held in for a long time.

    AFFIRM: Let reality govern my every thought, and truth be the master of my life.

    For January 8 - 18, 1998:

    During this period JUPITER is OPPOSING your natal SUN. You are likely to want to reach out or to command attention. This could be a time for optimism and enthusiasm, and this could lead to your taking some risks. It is a good time for risks, as long as you realize that you're also more likely at a time like this to push too far, to take on too much or to over-estimate your strengths. If you are usually shy or unassuming, try expressing yourself more openly; it is likely that people will respond positively. If ­ on the other hand ­ you have a strong personality, you can be quite effective now, but watch for any tendency toward arrogance or self-centeredness. There are limits -- look ahead, not to the past.

    AFFIRM: I am loving-wisdom, which I express by being who I am.

    For February 3 - 13, 1998:

    JUPITER is forming a 150° QUINCUNX to your natal SATURN. A time for re-aligning or adjusting your timing. Some temporary friction between your desire to expand or possible opportunities and attention to detail or your need for safety and security may arise. Risks or acts based on idealism or faith may threaten your conservative tendencies, forcing you to expand the structure of your life in order to adjust and avoid becoming too rigid or resistant to change. It is through the growth of your foundations that greater security can be found, though that may entail an openness in the areas of your life where you have been the most fearful or rigid.

    AFFIRM: I am balanced and stable.

    For February 19 - March 1, 1998:

    JUPITER is forming a 120° TRINE to your natal MIDHEAVEN. This may bring recognition or promotion. A good time to advance your aims in the outer world, while at the same time things may look positive in your private personal life. This can be a period in which you are able to effectively integrate your aspirations or vision with your worldly role, if you want to. An attitude of trust or faith can help you take advantage of what could be called a "cosmic alignment", a time in which your individual and most authentic purpose should be in harmony with outer circumstances. The role you feel called upon to play within your environment may become clearer to you now, or you may progress now in the achievement of that role.

    AFFIRM: I confidently move ahead, yet remain aware of the long-term perspective.

    For February 17 - 27, 1998:

    JUPITER is in a 150° QUINCUNX to your natal ASCENDANT. This may bring an expansion into your life which may require some adjustments on your part. Not likely to be a major crisis, it still would be best for you to spend some time analyzing what kinds of improvements or refinements could help you to realize your plans, particularly as these influence your relationships. Your confidence may be justified, but rose-colored glasses need to be removed from time to time for a reality check. You are encouraged to deal with others with trust, while still being aware of the need for discrimination and boundaries during this time of potential openness and generosity. Listen to the environment's reactions to your plans and judge for yourself whether you are on target.

    AFFIRM: I deserve the support of the Universe.

    For February 20 - March 2, 1998:

    JUPITER is forming a 150° QUINCUNX to your natal MARS. This period asks you to use your energies to express outwardly your ideals and expectations. You can feel good about what you are doing now, but don't let yourself get so carried away that you overextend yourself. Use your initiative and express yourself with confidence. Enthusiasm and optimism can help you now, as long as you remain aware of necessary limits or obligations. Be careful of a tendency toward impatience or excessive risk (although if you are normally cautious or conservative, this may be the time for a risk).

    AFFIRM: I am confident and trust myself in my choices and actions.






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    Information required: Date, time (if possible), and place of birth; starting month

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