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What Does It Do?

The LUNAR LIFE CYCLE REPORT is based upon a 29-30 year cycle pattern which recurs in your life. By focusing on such a long period of time, it offers you a greater perspective on the meaning of your current circumstances. Each of us is always somewhere in one of these cycles, and since we are born in our own unique stage of our first cycle (not necessarily the beginning), there is no way to know what stage we are in now unless the cycle is computed first.

By describing the eight major phases of the lunar cycle and their starting dates for you personally, the LUNAR LIFE CYCLE REPORT shows you where you've been, where you are, and where you are going.

The eight phases (of any cycle) are briefly:

  • New (birth, spontaneous instinct, potential)
  • Crescent (asserting new growth, moving away from fear and resistance)
  • First Quarter (crisis in action, choice and commitment)
  • Gibbous (analysis, refinement, training)
  • Full (fulfillment, coming to a head, possible reversal)
  • Disseminating (promoting, expressing, reaping)
  • Last Quarter (letting go, moving willingly into the unknown)
  • Balsamic (surrender, retirement, withdrawal)

What Does It Contain?

The REPORT explains your current lunar cycle (and either the prior one or the next one if you are at the beginning or end of your current cycle). Each of the eight phases are portrayed within the context of the whole cycle and you will find out exactly when each phase occurs for you.

An example of the text follows below.

(Technical details for astrologers: Based on the progressed lunation cycle, following the movements of the progressed Moon after it forms a progressed New Moon with the Sun.)

Example of a Report Page

Example text:


The plant which was a seed and then a shoot gives birth to a bud which gradually blossoms into a flower. The plant can now be seen as the mother of the flower, and the flower declares the completion of the growth of the plant. It now takes over as the mother of future seeds, sharing itself as color and fragrance.

The Full Moon of your cycle will occur in June 1994 and your Full Moon phase lasts until June 1998.

The Full Moon is the midpoint of the cycle and a major turning point. During this phase the results of the first half of the cycle (from July 1979 until June 1994) and especially of the choices made at the time of the First Quarter (April 1986 and the months following) become apparent. Up to this point the light on the face of the Moon has been increasing and the Moon has been traveling away from the Sun, but now both trends are reversed. And so the time for building or construction comes to an end and you need to shift gears.

This is the flowering of the seed, and can be a time of fulfillment or failure. Quite often it is a combination of the two. Missed opportunities from earlier in the cycle may come back now to haunt you but can provide valuable learning. In fact, this Full Moon Phase is not so important as a reckoning of success or failure as it is for the MEANING which you give to what becomes objectively realized at this time.

The meaning of the plant now changes, and the flower becomes the focus for the evolutionary purpose of the plant (and original seed). In the building analogy, it is time for moving into the now-completed building. Instead of being seen as a construction project the building becomes useful, alive with activity. A new element enters and changes the meaning of the building. In your own life some type of similar constructive growth should now be ready to provide you with a structure which can be increasingly useful in the fulfillment of the purpose of your cycle.

In the entire 70-80 year human life cycle, the Full Moon Phase corresponds to mid-life. This well-known period of reorientation calls for reflection upon what has been accomplished (because that now becomes more obvious) and a re-evaluation of future goals. In the same manner, your Full Moon Phase may bring the realization of the necessity for giving up a cherished dream or of the need to change your life radically if that dream is ever to be realized. "Tomorrow" now becomes "today". In one sense, the Full Moon Phase is like reaching a mountain peak after a long climb and, whether the view is spectacular or disappointing, the only place left to go is back down. But it is possible to have a revelation on the mountain top, a dream to take back with you as an inspiration for the future.

This is the time for an OBJECTIVE and DETACHED ACCEPTANCE of what your life's choices have brought to you. It represents a new starting point as well, signalling the beginning of the second half of the cycle, which represents a growth in consciousness. If you cannot find constructive meaning in the positive or negative experiences of this time, the remainder of the cycle can be a winding down, a kind of "going through the motions". You may need to let go of or leave a situation or relationship which has served its purpose. Your life has been directed toward this outcome and now you may leave behind aspects of what you have been and begin searching for meaning and for ways to express what you have become.

This can be either a time of polarization and division or of complementation and balance. You should be able to see yourself more clearly now than ever before. At its best this can be a time of enlightenment in which the purpose of the cycle is at last revealed to you. Relationships may be particularly important during this phase. Your direction may especially be clarified or brought into focus around February 1997. This period can bring feelings of discomfort or tension, heightening your awareness of conflicting desires and requiring you to adjust your goals or plans.

Since you are in the Full Moon Phase now, you may want to use this space to record any inner or outer events that seem relevant to the meaning of this period (June 1994 to June 1998). What can you see that has the quality of this phase?

Full Example


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Shipping: U. S. mail
Format: Leatherette window binder with plastic spiral binding, laser-printed pages; also available as .pdf file
Information required: date, time (if possible), and place of birth

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