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Sirius Astrological Services

Sirius Astrological Services was started in 1985 by Philip Levine. Our vision is to bring the valuable information found in the astrological chart, free of superstition, into people's hands, often by using the power of the computer. What inspires Sirius' services is the belief that computers can make it easier to organize and provide astrological information that is spiritually practical and pragmatically spiritual for the client, rather than just providing more and more data with little attention to its meaning or value.

All our products are based upon simplicity and the never-ending depth of the basic astrological symbols. Depth, not breadth, is what is sought. Helping the individual to engage with and see through their chart and the cyclic activity occurring in relation to their chart is our purpose.

Guiding this process is the belief that our world is in crisis, and astrology, entertaining and fascinating though it may be, is an ancient and priceless tool for reconnecting ourselves to the rhythmic unfoldment of the universe in which we live. Through greater awareness of, and especially living experience of these rhythms as they operate in our daily ongoing lives, we begin to sense and to deepen our understanding of an orderly process. This process is IN US, lives THROUGH US, and in fact, may be who we most truly are. (see Mystery of Astrology)


SIRIUS is named for the brightest star in the heavens. The "Dog Star" is found in the constellation Canis Majoris. It is said to predispose one to dog bites, but otherwise to give honors, fame and wealth. In esoteric tradition, SIRIUS is like the cosmic Higher Self to our own Sun. It is also said to be the solar system from which human beings came who brought our initial human consciousness to the animal beings then living on Earth. It has been called "The Great Instructor of Mankind" and has been related to Mercury and Buddha or wisdom.

Philip Levine

I am Philip Levine, M. A. and have been a practicing astrologer since 1973. My Masters degree is in Clinical and Counseling Psychology, and I was a practicing psychotherapist for 16 years before retiring to focus on other creative activities, particularly Sirius.

I grew up in Portland, Maine and graduated from Bowdoin College in Maine in 1969. Sirius is a coming together of several chapters of my life, almost as if I were unknowingly preparing (which of course I probably am still doing now). I had been an insurance actuary and programmer in the 60's and 70's, an astrologer since 1973, especially influenced by Dane Rudhyar and Liz Greene. And after the practice of astrology led me to graduate school for better understanding of our inner workings, I received my M. A. from the Synthesis Graduate School for the Study of Man (no longer in existence) in San Francisco in 1980.

Besides psychosynthesis, I have a deep interest in Jung and Hillman, and find alchemical symbolism particularly rewarding. My esoteric training includes the study of numerology, tarot, I Ching, as well as astrology, and I spent 11 years as a student in the Arcane School studying the works of Alice A. Bailey.

I feel particularly drawn to finding ways to keep alive the sense that life is deeply meaningful for young people in this increasingly empty and soul-less world.

Thanks for your interest.

Articles by Philip Levine


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