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"What you are trying to understand is the meaning of [the] situation as a whole. The reason the position of the planets is important is simply this: if you realize the universe is an organism in the broadest sense of the term, a system of integrated activities, then anything that happens within that system of integrated activity has a place and function within that system. If you want to understand a particular point in time-space within that system, you have to see it in relation to the whole system. The wholeness of the system is constantly working in polyphonic harmony with the life of the individual which has become separated from the whole by becoming itself, a little whole, a little organism. Each time anything individualizes out from the whole, it remains part of the whole . . . The idea in astrology is to relate all the functional activity of a human being to ten basic symbols, or planets, each planet representing a definite quality of activity. Taken together, they represent a blueprint of a person as a whole." (quoted in the YEARLY CYCLES WORKBOOK from Dane Rudhyar)

What Does It Do?

The YEARLY CYCLES WORKBOOK is designed for astrologer and layperson alike, as a tool for working experientially with the opportunities provided by the major cycles of planetary activity (transits) occurring for any 12-month period in your life. Our lives contain many cycles of varying lengths, and at any given time we are living a composite of these cycles. The WORKBOOK is for sorting out these cycles.

At any given time, one cycle may be ending, another flowing easily, and another going through a birth. We become particularly attentive when one or more of these cycles are at a critical phase, or a crisis. These are typically when a moving outer planet is in a 0°, 90°, 180° or 270° relationship with some factor(s) in the birth chart.

What Does It Contain?

The WORKBOOK begins with a chronological table of contents allowing you to quickly see which cycles (and which pages) are relevant for any given month. Cycles considered particularly important are shown in bold. An introduction explains how to use the book and also provides information about your numerological period (pinnacle) and year, as well as the current phase of your 30-year Lunar Life Cycle (see the Lunar Life Cycle page for more details on this cycle).

The WORKBOOK is mainly organized into five sections by planet, detailing the Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter activity in your chart over a 12-month period. Within each section an introductory page describes what that section's activity mainly has to do with. Then each following page individually describes a particular active cycle for you.

On each page you will find

  • the cycle named (e.g., Saturn 225° from Neptune)
  • the dates when it is most active (usually three separate periods)
  • a psychological description of its usual themes
  • a cycle history, showing prior periods in your life when this particular cycle has been active, allowing you to trace its theme over time
  • a meditation seed thought, a visualization, and an affirmation, each keyed to the cycle

Ending the WORKBOOK you will find a series of your own four symbols or images, much like dream images, often clarifying the theme of the entire 12-month period for you. These are also taken specifically from your chart, as are the contents of the book as a whole. (see example below)

(Technical details for astrologers: the five outer planets aspecting natal Sun, Moon, the 8 planets, and the angles. Aspects are conjunctions, semisquares, sextiles, squares, trines, sesquisquares, quincunxes, and oppositions, and waxing and waning aspects are differentiated. The symbols in the back are based on the Sabian symbols for the degree for the progressed Sun.)

Example of a Workbook Page

Example interpretation text:

During this period NEPTUNE is CROSSING your natal MOON. The principles of transcendence and imagination are infusing your feelings and receptivity. You are now potentially open to a sensitive impressionability which can respond to a dream or ideal of oneness or of selfless and compassionate love. Your psychic sensitivity is acute now and keeping your boundaries may involve extra effort. Your dreams are likely to be helpful and to offer you a sense of security or belonging. It is easy for you to lose yourself now in fantasy, so you probably should make sure you are also taking care of responsibilities or practical concerns.

This could symbolize a period of dissatisfaction or confusion, when you may feel victimized or simply passive. It is also the time to express what you know on a private inner level, to find a way to show others what you are imagining or dreaming. This could be a transitional time, leaving you feeling "in-between". The secret to making the most of this time is in learning to be at home in the empty spaces, instead of uncomfortably trying to fill them.

Example cycle history:

Theme: Feelings of unity or selflessness and compassion.

Jan 52 - Jul 53 Opportunity for understanding
Mar 67 - Dec 67 Reorientation, letting go
Mar 82 - Jun 93 Opportunity for expansion, planning
Apr 89 - Jan 90 Emptying, letting go

Example seed thought, visualization, affirmation:

Seed Thought: "The ONE expressing through the many"

Visualization: Imagine being a drop of water in the ocean. Be aware of all the other drops which along with you make up the body of water called "ocean". The ocean could not be an ocean without you and the other drops. . . . Imagine you are the ocean as a whole, containing the many drops. . . Now try to realize that you are both.

Affirmation: "I am a channel for healing and compassion."


Price: $45 plus $3 shipping
Shipping: Priority mail
Format: Leatherette window binder with plastic spiral binding, laser-printed pages (usually 30-45 pages)
Information required: Date, time (if possible), and place of birth; starting month; gender

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