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NEPTUNE combined with MOON:

Male, Cancer Moon in 11th: Neptune squared Moon within 5° from Oct 1949 - Aug 1955, ages 2 - 8. This was the first major transit of natal Moon. A year earlier our family had moved to a new city. The month the Neptune-Moon square was first exact (Nov 1951) my brother was born, which was apparently difficult for me and my inconsistent nurturing and safety, probably exacerbated by the move from familiar surroundings. I felt like I was drifting, not anchored, not safe. I asked my mother to drown my new brother. [Neptune = drowning] Coinciding with the exact square I began public school at the last exact square in Sep 1952. At the same time, Saturn was squaring the Moon [see Saturn/Moon]. The chief difficulty there was the same sense of not belonging, not being connected, feeling way too vulnerable. The square was within 5° until Aug 1955.

Then in Feb 1991 the opposition reached 5° applying. The same issues that were happening in 1951-52 because of my brother's birth were "hot" again. A relationship had ended at the end of 1990, and though it seemed wiser to face the compelling feelings of abandonment [she left me] rather than to seek a replacement relationship in order to avoid the fearful emptiness, I tried again with someone new [a woman who had Neptune exactly square to my Moon and thus who was experiencing her transiting Neptune square natal Neptune]. I was just not willing to give up my search for the cosmic nurturing breast. The attempt was short-lived, ending in a state of confusion, misunderstanding and disillusionment. During the exact period of Mar 1993 - Oct 1994 I was faced with learning to enjoy my own company, how to cook and nurture myself, and becoming familiar with life not centered on another person, other than my young daughter. [see Pluto/Moon, Uranus/Moon, and Saturn/Moon for more of the Moon story.]