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PLUTO combined with MOON:

Male, Cancer Moon in 11th: with a deep yearning to find "my group" of like-minded individuals with whom to work at "saving the world," I left my well-paying job as an insurance actuary in Nov 1977 just as Pluto reached 5 degrees applying to square my Moon. By Aug 1978 I had signed up for a grad school across the country in CA, sold my bookstore, and left my home where I grew up and moved to San Francisco with my wife. As Pluto reached exact square in 1979-1980 I found I was involved with a cult [who ran the grad school], and left my wife, moved into a rented room, and experienced great turmoil and emotional about my loyalties. It was part of a lifelong process of healing the early life mothering wounds [no safe container; fear of losing any source of nourishment - see Saturn/Moon]. This fear is what led me to an early disastrous marriage, and kept me in my second one. Pluto relentlessly kept cutting away corrupt behaviors of attachment. Whether it was any of the outer planets, it was always this wounded Cancer Moon and his issues of attachment, fear of solitude, expectations of loss of scarce nourishment that were highlighted. [see Uranus/Moon, Neptune/Moon]

The period while Pluto was within one degree of exact square to the Moon (Nov 1979 - Sep 1980) coincided exactly with the final tumultuous year of grad school, being forced into a "double-agent" role full of secrecy, experiencing such stress that chest pains became common, and "burning away" some of the infantile "need" that was part of the marriage. The climax of the cult fleeing and a reconciliation with my wife coincided exactly with the end of the exact phase in Sep 1980. The remaining two years within 5 degree orb consisted of teaching grad school courses and reaching the difficult decision to return to the East Coast and have our first child.