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URANUS combined with MOON:

Male, Cancer Moon in 11th: Uranus first began 5° approach to crossing natal Moon in Jul 1952, during the same period as exact Neptune square to Moon [see Neptune/Moon] and Saturn square Moon [see Saturn/Moon]. So while Neptune archetype was bringing loss of structure (was the only child; starting public school) and opening to a broader horizon, Uranus revealed certain intellectual gifts that were apparently not the norm, and greatly prized by those in authority. So I felt different from my peers, possessed of unusual thought, and my enthusiasm led to difficult relations with peers. Apparently they didn't value my brightness the was the teachers and my parents did. This led to a life-long ambivalence about exposing unusual gifts or skills.

In Nov 1971 Uranus began (5°) to square the Moon. In a new relationship, free from obligations, not working, just riding a motorcycle and enjoying life. Life became unstable, and when the square reached exact in Nov 1972, I moved with my girlfriend to a large city hours away from our homes. During the period from Nov 1972 - Aug 1973 while Uranus exactly squared my Moon [and trined natal Mercury] I synchronistically discovered astrology, meditation, depth psychology. Things happened that were not planned, but which definitely began a shift in life direction. The lunar archetype of receptivity, absorption and nourishment was wide open to the things associated with the Uranus archetype - unorthodox areas of study, metaphysics, astrology. Just after the exact phase ended, a change in job and location (back to home) occurred, precipitated by my inexperienced reading of transits and thinking this was a good time for change. It was.

Finally, just as in 1952 - 1955 when Uranus crossed the Moon while Neptune squared it, in 1993 the Uranus-Neptune conjunction opposed the Moon. Once again the Uranus and Neptune archetypes were jointly visiting the natal Moon. This year was the culmination of voluntarily accepting solitude, responsibility for taking care of myself, and refusing to find another replacement relationship. A large new emotional space was unearthed within, and in early 1994 after a long exploratory trip with my 10-year-old daughter around the southwest, a new relationship began, starting unexpectedly when a conversation began with a stranger sitting next to me at an astrology conference with a woman with Neptune rising and the Uranus-Neptune square of the mid 50's. The relationship brought new feelings and unfamiliar territory.