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By Philip Levine, M.A.

Books (free pdf files)

This image of words from The Birth of the Self was easily created at http://www.wordle.net/.


The whole book:

The Birth of the Self (167 pages/1.1mb)

Other projects and issues have not allowed me to finish editing, so if you spot any questionable wording or typo's, etc. please feel free to let me know.


This image of words from The Pearl Within was easily created at http://www.wordle.net/.


The whole book:

The Pearl Within: Discovering the Riches of the Underworld (170 pages/1.7mb)

The book in separate chapter files:

Introduction -The Sky IS Falling and "The Hymn of The Pearl" (22 pages/119 kb)

PART ONE - Facing Ourselves
Chapter One -The Mystery and Its Many Faces
(14 pages/87 kb)
Chapter Two - Losing Our Way—Losing THE Way
(20 pages/119 kb)
Chapter Three -Up and Down, In and Out: Why the Ego Doesn’t Want to Awaken
(14 pages/96 kb)
PART TWO - Finding Ourselves
Chapter Four - Leaving Home
(12 pages/72 kb)
Chapter Five - Provisions for the Journey
(19 pages/128 kb)
Chapter Six - Exploring Our Inner World
(17 pages/108 kb)
Chapter Seven - Polarities — The Opposites (14 pages/88 kb)
Chapter Eight - Cycles — Opposites in Motion (11 pages/340kb)
Chapter Nine - Alchemy, Transformation and the Soul (20 pages/552kb)
Chapter Ten - Initiation: The Critical Moment, Entry into New Ground, Letting Go (13 pages/332kb)
Chapter Eleven - Sex: The Coniunctio (31 pages/532kb)
Appendix - A Taste of Alchemy: Jung and the Fountain of Treviso (4 pages/36 kb)


Astrological Articles

Excerpt from The Pearl Within: Discovering the Riches of the Underworld (2003)  

The Horoscope, the Baby and the Bathwater (1995)


Fortune Telling, Prediction and the Horoscope (1995)


Prediction, Accountability and the Spirit of Astrology(1996)


An Open Letter to the Astrological Community(1996)


The Astrological Cycle and the Four Gates of Initiation (1998)


Non-Astrological Articles


Sacrificing Our Children(1998)

Poetry Terra Firma(1995)  

By Others

Astrological Articles

Openings in the Curtain of Fate;
The Interweavings of Saturn and Uranus

by Elizabeth Spring


Towards an Astrology of Meaning and Purpose
by Candy Hillenbrand

  The Centaur Connection:
Expanding Chiron's Territory
by Candy Hillenbrand



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