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Sirius Astrological Services
in conjunction with
Crawford Perspectives
is proud to introduce...

A Calendar made individually, just for you!

Based on your own unique time and place of birth, this astrological guide reveals your personal success cycles.

  • Choose any 12 month period
  • Article on Arch Crawford's millennial predictions
  • Personal astrological appointment planner
  • Important market dates reminder
  • Monthly activity/stress summaries
  • Most/least favorable days for 15 categories of activity

Includes insightful business interpretations of your major success cycles:

During this period JUPITER is CONJUNCT your MERCURY. This period indicates expanding the mind, possibly through travel or education. You have an optimistic attitude and natural thirst for knowledge, which impels you to pursue new experiences. You are skillful at gathering all the facts and you communicate with enthusiasm. This can be an excellent time for writing, speaking, teaching or selling. Trips can be enlightening and accommodations enjoyable. Your confidence is strong now and you are more communicative than usual, so it is also a favorable period for litigation, negotiations and signing contracts. You can see both the details and the larger picture. You may find yourself restless now. Be careful not to overextend yourself or take on more than is prudent. For traders and investors, foreign investments could be lucrative now. This may a good time for trading grains or for travel and internet or media-related ventures.

[Sequence lasts from JAN 99 until OCT 00]


Daily personal activity:

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