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Astrological Chart Readings


An astrological chart consultation or reading during a time of transition or as a way to develop deeper insight into and acceptance for oneself can be arranged.

Either in person in Portland, Maine (dog sleds are available) or by telephone, Philip Levine will use his 35 years experience as an astrologer and 15 years as a therapist, as well as his intuition and compassion to help you understand the significance for you of having been born at your particular time and place. This is not a computerized report, but a personal dialog.

You can ask for a particular focus for your reading, or receive a broad exploration of major life issues present since birth, potential early traumas, and your strengths and challenges.

In addition to examination of your birth potentials, an overview of the current 12-24 month period of your life and its significance is also offered.

Readings are from a psychological perspective, encouraging self-examination and self-acceptance. Specific predictions or outcomes will not be part of a reading.

Readings last from 60 to 90 minutes, and are recorded. You will receive your tape cassette or cd-rom and color birth chart, and a listing of your yearly symbols. Fees are $125/hour by telephone or in person.

In addition, Sirius reports may be ordered to complement your reading at a 20% discount.

For questions or to arrange an appointment, please either e-mail or telephone (207) 799-2613.