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Mundane Activity


Star Formation in the Tarantula Nebula

Image Credit: NASA, ESA, ESO, D. Lennon (ESA/STScI) et al., and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

Full Moon Jan 12 at 6:35 AM EST/ 3:35 AM PST from 22 Can 27. Sun conjuncts Pluto, forming a Cardinal Grand Cross with Jupiter at 22 Lib and Uranus at 20 Ari. Pretty strong tension pulling in many different directions. Potentially explosive.
New Moon Jan 27 at 7:08 PM EST/ 4:08 PM PST at 8 Aqu 15. Right at the midpoint of a Venus-Saturn square, which favors humility.

Planetary Changes:

Mercury Stationary turning Direct Jan 8 at 4:42 AM EST/ 1:42 AM PST at 28 Sag 50.

Venus into Pisces Jan 3 at 2:46 AM EST/ Jan 2 at 11:46 PM PST.
Mercury retro into Sagittarius Jan 4 at 9:16 AM EST/ 6:16 AM PST.
Mercury into Capricorn Jan 12 at 9:03 AM EST/ 6:03 AM PST.
Sun into Aquarius Jan 19 at 4:23 PM EST/ 1:23 PM PST.
Mars into Aries Jan 28 at 12:38 AM EST/ Jan 27 at 9:38 PM PST.

Key Aspects:

Mars conjuncts Neptune Jan 1 at 1:52 AM EST/ Dec 31 at 10:52 PM PST at 9 Pis 44. Stealth. Something is happening here, Mr. Jones, and you donÕt know what it is. Chronic fatigue?

Sun conjuncts Pluto Jan 7 at 1:44 AM EST/ Jan 6 at 10:44 PM PST at 17 Cap 09. A few days of an intense Cardinal T-Square, with Jupiter at 21 Lib and Uranus at 20 Ari. Clean up!
Sun squares Uranus Jan 10 at 11:21 AM EST/ 8:21 AM PST from 20 Cap 37. Surprise! DonÕt just think different. BE different.
Sun squares Jupiter Jan 11 at 11:42 PM EST/ 8:42 PM PST from 22 Cap 09. To climax this monthÕs Sun action, forming a Cardinal Grand Cross with Uranus at 20 Ari and Moon at 18 Can.

Venus conjuncts Neptune Jan 12 at 4:53 PM EST/ 1:53 PM PST at 10 Pis 02. A time to imagine and create. Artists: sleep later, not now.

Mars squares Saturn Jan 19 at 4:15 AM EST/ 1:15 AM PST from 23 Pis 22. Mars conjuncts Chiron at 21 Pis. Always a potentially tough combo, pressure, frustration, patience, necessity.
Venus squares Saturn Jan 27 at 12:49 PM EST/ 9:49 AM PST from 24 Pis 12. In her haste to reach her tempting conjunction with Mars next month (she wonÕt before she retrogrades), she must clear this hurdle with Saturn first. Lower but more realistic esteem. Frugal.
Mercury conjuncts Pluto Jan 29 at 3:21 PM EST/ 12:21 PM PST at 17 Cap 55. Mercury far apart from Venus (69 degrees). Off on a clandestine mission to pass secrets about humanityÕs origins or the reason why the universe exists.
Mercury squares Uranus Jan 31 at 10:31 PM EST/ 7:31 PM PST from 21 Cap 02. WOOPS!! What was supposed to be secret has leaked out, shocking and surprising.

In addition, Mercury sextiles Venus Jan 3, Mars sextiles Pluto Jan 10-11, Sun sextiles Chiron Jan 10-11, Mars conjuncts Chiron Jan 16, Venus sextiles Pluto Jan 19-20, Mercury sextiles Neptune Jan 23, Venus conjuncts Chiron Jan 24-25.