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Mundane Activity

JUNE 2017

Star Formation in the Tarantula Nebula

Image Credit: NASA, ESA, ESO, D. Lennon (ESA/STScI) et al., and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

Full Moon Jun 9 at 9:11 AM EDT/ 6:11 AM PDT from 18 Sag 53. Moon conjuncts Saturn retro at 25 Sag and all square Neptune at 14 Pis. WhatÕs real here?
New Moon Jun 23 at 10:32 PM EDT/ 7:32 PM PDT at 2 Can 47. Conjuncts Mercury at 6 Can, all square Chiron at 29 Pis. Widely opposing Saturn retro at 24 Sag.

Planetary Changes:

Jupiter Stationary turning Direct Jun 9 at 10:04 AM EDT/ 7:04 AM PDT at 13 Lib 12. Turning forward to make a last exact square with Pluto.

Neptune Stationary turning Retrograde Jun 16 at 7:11 AM EDT/ 4:11 AM PDT at 14 Pis 15. While conjunct the Moon.
Chiron Stationary turning Retrograde Jun 30 at 11:09 PM EDT/ 8:09 PM PDT at 28 Pis 51. Making for a longer square to Saturn at 23 Sag.
Mars into Cancer Jun 4 at 12:17 PM EDT/ 9:17 AM PDT.
Venus into Taurus Jun 6 at 3:28 AM EDT/ 12:28 AM PDT.
Mercury into Gemini Jun 6 at 6:16 PM EDT/ 3:16 PM PDT.
Sun into Cancer Jun 21 at 12:25 AM EDT/ Jun 20 at 9:25 PM PDT.
Mercury into Cancer Jun 21 at 5:59 AM EDT/ 2:59 AM PDT.

Key Aspects:

Venus conjuncts Uranus Jun 3 at 3:33 AM EDT/ 12:33 AM PDT at 27 Ari 05. Mercury did this last month, crossing Uranus while trining Saturn at 25 Sag. This time also sextiles Mars at 29 Gem. Finally, this conjunction is at the midpoint of the current Sun-Neptune square. Favors solutions.

Sun squares Neptune Jun 4 at 12:14 PM EDT/ 9:14 AM PDT from 14 Gem 13. (see above) A great moment for creating, inspiration.(See above)
Mercury squares Neptune Jun 13 at 11:30 PM EDT/ 8:30 PM PDT from 14 Gem 15. More inspiration as this imaginative square helps power a Grand Air Trine with Jupiter at 13 Lib and Moon at 14 Aqu.
Sun opposes Saturn retro Jun 15 at 6:19 AM EDT/ 3:19 AM PDT from 24 Gem 30. A Mutable T-Square with Chiron at 28 Pis. First this month came Neptune and its dreams and immersion into chaos. Now Saturn tries to get organized, apply discipline.

Mercury opposes Saturn retro Jun 18 at 3:08 PM EDT/ 12:08 PM PDT from 24 Gem 15. (see above).

Sun squares Chiron Jun 19 at 6:27 PM EDT/ 3:27 PM PDT from 28 Gem 48.
Mercury squares Chiron Jun 20 at 5:03 PM EDT/ 2:03 PM PDT from 28 Gem 49.
Sun conjuncts Mercury Jun 21 at 10:15 AM EDT/ 7:15 AM PDT at 0 Can 23.
Mars squares Jupiter Jun 25 at 2:08 AM EDT/ Jun 24 at 11:08 PM PDT from 13 Can 34. Cardinal T-Square with Pluto retro at 18 Cap. Initiative and assertiveness may go too far. What are your motives?
Mercury squares Jupiter Jun 27 at 2:22 PM EDT/ 11:22 AM PDT from 13 Can 42. Pushy words, when silence may be preferable. At least until you have thought about it.
Mercury conjuncts Mars Jun 28 at 3:52 PM EDT/ 12:52 PM PDT at 15 Can 54. Opposing Pluto retro at 18 Cap, squaring Jupiter at 13 Lib, and trining Neptune retro at 14 Pis. Continuing the opportunity to get to the bottom of disagreements, but with the tendency to make winning the only goal.
Mercury opposes Pluto retro Jun 29 at 8:37 PM EDT/ 5:37 PM PDT from 18 Can 22. Who speaks this way through you? To you? Words that may seem threatening.

In addition, Venus trines Saturn Jun 1, Mars squares Chiron Jun 1-2, Sun trines Jupiter Jun 3, Mercury sextiles Chiron Jun 5, Venus sextiles Mars Jun 9, Mercury trines Jupiter Jun 13, Sun sextiles Uranus Jun 18, Venus sextiles Neptune Jun 19-20, Mercury sextiles Uranus Jun 19-20, Venus trines Pluto Jun 23-24, Mars trines Neptune Jun 25-26, Mercury trines Neptune Jun 27.