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Mundane Activity

MARCH 2017

Star Formation in the Tarantula Nebula

Image Credit: NASA, ESA, ESO, D. Lennon (ESA/STScI) et al., and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

Full Moon Mar 12 at 10:55 AM EDT/ 7:55 AM PDT from 22 Vir 13. Mutable T-Square with Saturn at 27 Sag. Sun also conjuncts Chiron at 24 Pis and Mercury at 27 Pis. Lay low, stay grounded.
New Moon Mar 27 at 10:58 PM EDT/ 7:38 PM PDT at 8 Pis 12. Conjuncts Venus retro at 3 Ari. Look for some balance and harmony in the midst of the stress of the Cardinal T-Square.

Planetary Changes:

Venus Stationary turning Retrograde Mar 4 at 4:10 AM EST/ 1:10 AM PST at 13 Ari 08. Mars has just finished crossing over the Cardinal T-Square, and now Venus hesitates as she would be about to begin her own crossing, and decides to retreat. She wonÕt be back to the T-Square until late May-early June.

Mars into Taurus Mar 9 at 7:35 PM EST/ 4:35 PM PST.
Mercury into Aries Mar 13 at 5:08 PM EDT/ 2:08 PM PDT.
Sun into Aries Mar 20 at 6:30 AM EDT/ 3:30 AM PDT.
Mercury into Taurus Mar 31 at 1:32 PM EDT/ 10:32 AM PDT.

Key Aspects:

Sun conjuncts Neptune Mar 1 at 9:45 PM EST/ 6:45 PM PST at 11 Pisc 42. Conjuncts Mercury at 7 Pisc. Lots of pressure for action with Mars and Moon hitting Cardinal T-Square. But this conjunction is about sensitivity to finer vibrations, and imagination at work.

Jupiter retro opposes Uranus Mar 2 at 8:17 PM EST/ 5:17 PM PST from 22 Lib 11. This cycle began at the conjunction in 2010 between these two. Then there was the Cardinal T-Square of 2014 when Jupiter squared Uranus. Now a peak is reached, as Jupiter opposes Uranus and Mars, magnifying the potential for explosions, upsets, and breakthroughs.
Mercury conjuncts Neptune Mar 4 at 7:21 PM EST/ 4:21 PM PST at 22 Ari 00. (see Sun conjuncts Neptune above).
Sun conjuncts Mercury Mar 6 at 7:30 PM EST/ 4:30 PM PST at 16 Pisc 37.

Mercury squares Saturn Mar 12 at 8:11 AM EDT/ 5:11 AM PDT from 27 Pis 17. A Mutable T-Square with Moon at 20 Vir. Moving on from conjunctions with Neptune earlier this month, now replacing imagination and fantasy with requirements, organization, and practical details.

Sun squares Saturn Mar 17 at 5:49 PM EDT/ 2:49 PM PDT from 27 Pis 29. Sun conjuncts Chiron at 25 Pis. Slow, careful, pay attention.
Mercury conjuncts Venus retro Mar 18 at 8:28 AM EDT/ 5:28 AM PDT at 9 Ari 05. Trining the Moon at 4 Sag. A good time for making peace, articulating love, having your worth affirmed.
Mercury squares Pluto Mar 23 at 8:46 PM EDT/ 5:46 PM PDT from 19 Ari 12. Mercury now passes over the ongoing Cardinal T-Square with Uranus and Jupiter. Mental stimulation, possible travel mixups or upsets, complicated communication.
Mercury opposes Jupiter retro Mar 24 at 8:46 AM EDT/ 5:46 AM PDT from 20 Ari 03. Give your mind free rein, donÕt be afraid to think differently or to speak your truth.
Sun conjuncts Venus retro Mar 25 at 6:18 AM EDT/ 3:18 AM PDT at 4 Ari 57. Look for beauty, without noise.
Mercury conjuncts Uranus Mar 26 at 11:07 AM EDT/ 8:07 AM PDT at 23 Ari 24. Mercury ends its current trip through the Cardinal T-Square. Is there an "aha!" Is there a discovery, a realization?
Jupiter retro squares Pluto Mar 30 at 2:20 PM EDT/ 11:20 AM PDT from 19 Lib 17. The cycle began in 2007. Jupiter moves into the Uranus-Pluto square. Look for nourishment and a sense of protection. This square occurs in the Jupiter-Pluto cycle that began with their conjunction in Dec 2007: "The Business Cycle Dating Committee of the National Bureau of Economic Research met by conference call on Friday, November 28. The committee maintains a chronology of the beginning and ending dates (months and quarters) of U.S. recessions. The committee determined that a peak in economic activity occurred in the U.S. economy in December 2007. The peak marks the end of the expansion that began in November 2001 and the beginning of a recession."

In addition, Mars trines Saturn Mar 5, Mercury sextiles Pluto Mar 7-8, Sun sextiles Pluto Mar 8-9, Mercury conjuncts Chiron Mar 10, Sun conjuncts Chiron Mar 14, Mars sextiles Neptune Mar 27, Mercury trines Saturn Mar 29 .