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Mundane Activity

MAY 2017

Warped Spiral Galaxy ESO 510-13

Image Credit: Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA), C. Conselice (U. Wisconsin/STScI) et al., NASA

Full Moon May 10 at 5:44 PM EDT/ 2:44 PM PDT from 20 Sco 24. Mediated by trine/sextile with Pluto at 19 Cap. Clean it up There should be fewer tears and fears.
New Moon May 25 at 3:46 PM EDT/ 12:46 PM PDT at 4 Gem 47. Occupies the midpoint of the current Venus/Pluto square. Intense preferences.

Planetary Changes:

Mercury Stationary turning Direct May 3 at 12:34 PM EDT/ 9:34 AM PDT at 24 Ari 15. Keeping it longer in conjunction with Uranus at 25 Ari.

Mercury into Taurus May 16 at 12:08 AM EDT/ May 15 at 9:08 PM PDT.
Sun into Gemini May 20 at 4:32 PM EDT/ 1:32 PM PDT.

Key Aspects:

Mercury conjuncts Uranus May 10 at 1:21 AM EDT/ May 9 at 10:21 PM PDT at 25 Ari 55. At the midpoint of Mars square Neptune (see below), also trining for longer than usual Saturn retro at 26 Sag. Focus inventive creative work. Experiment.

Mars squares Neptune May 11 at 1:53 PM EDT/ 10:53 AM PDT from 13 Gem 55. Adding even more inventive creativity (see above). Use that Saturn trine (see above). Keep some focus.
Venus opposes Jupiter retro May 19 at 10:13 AM EDT/ 7:13 AM PDT from 13 Ari 52. Venus enters involvement with the deteriorating Cardinal T-Square, squaring Pluto retro at 19 Cap. Look for signs of extravagance or over-doing that might be trying to cover up something.
Venus squares Pluto retro May 25 at 12:23 PM EDT/ 9:23 AM PDT from 19 Ari 06. Part 2. Conjuncting Uranus soon will conclude this passage. Will most attention go to the beautification of the surface, or descending to the source?
Mars opposes Saturn retro May 29 at 2:56 AM EDT/ May 28 at 11:56 PM PDT from 25 Gem 44. T-Square with Chiron at 28 Pis. After an imaginative first half of the month, either we crash to earth, or take steps to ground our desires.

In addition, Sun sextiles Neptune May 3, Sun trines Pluto May 9, Mercury trines Saturn May 11, Mars trines Jupiter May 11-12, Sun sextiles Chiron May 18, Saturn trines Uranus May 18-19,, Mercury sextiles Neptune May 27-28, Mars sextiles Uranus May 30, Mercury trines Pluto May 30-31.