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The Finest Astrological Tools for Our Times


SIRIUS Astrological Services has been providing personal appointment calendars and reports since 1985 for the purpose of helping you to live more consciously in tune with the rhythms and cycles of your life. Based upon the actual date, time and place of your birth, our products are the leaders in the field of insightful and psychological tools for daily living and personal growth. Satisfaction is always guaranteed, and knowledge of astrology is not necessary.

For general descriptions of each of our products, try the COSMIC WINDOW, CALENDAR OF ARCHETYPAL INFLUENCES, LUNAR LIFE CYCLE REPORT, or RELATIONSHIP HANDBOOK. For more details and examples for each product, follow the links in each product description.

BEGINS WITH ANY MONTH For greater detail view an enlarged version

The COSMIC WINDOW (NEW and in COLOR!) Personal Astrological Appointment Calendar is a daily planner or journal created just for you based upon your unique date, time and place of birth. In addition to displaying your personal astrological indicators (aspects) each day, each month summarizes your stress and activity levels, and your Most Favorable and Least Favorable days for 15 categories of activity (financial, social, sexual, travel, etc.). Your most important astrological cycles are interpreted in greater depth in the back section of your book. ($90) see examples

If you'd like to see an entire COSMIC WINDOW as a .pdf file.

NEW! Cosmic Window Appointment Calendar for your relationships! Made for TWO people as a way of tracking the ups and downs of your relationship cycles. ($90/ $40 for six months)

Designed by Richard Tarnas & Philip Levine


Designed and introduced by Richard Tarnas,
author of the acclaimed book


The CALENDAR of ARCHETYPAL INFLUENCES has been designed to provide you with a precise month by month, day by day listing of the major archetypal influences affecting you personally this year, as reflected in current transits of the planets to your natal chart. The primary design consideration throughout this calendar has been simplicity and clarity. Its focus is on the most essential factors shaping the archetypal dynamics that influence your life and psychological unfolding: the major planetary alignments to your natal chart. It is an irreplaceable tool for living a more conscious life in co-creative participation with the cosmos. ($75) see examples

If you'd like to see an entire CALENDAR OF ARCHETYPAL INFLUENCES as a .pdf file.


The LUNAR LIFE CYCLE REPORT provides you with a long-term perspective on where you stand in your life right now. Using your own personal 29-30 year cycle you can examine the eight phases of the cycle, see which one is current, and how the present moment in your life fits into a broader picture. ($60) see example

The RELATIONSHIP HANDBOOK offers an in-depth description of the psychological dynamics between two individuals (though theoretically it can compare any two entities or even events). By comparing the astrological connections between two charts (synastry) guidance is offered for mining the material created or stimulated in each person by the unique chemistry of the relationship. ($9w0) see example

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