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Praise for the COSMIC WINDOW:

"As a passionate advocate of a transformative, choice-centred, empowering approach to transit interpretation, I find these outer planet transit interpretations to be the *BEST* I have ever seen, anywhere."
-Candy Hillenbrand,
Australian Astrologer

"Experiential astrology made easy...Philip Levine's COSMIC WINDOW has helped fine-tune my understanding of the minute-to-minute interplay between astrology and experience...jammed with practical, personalized information, yet visually elegant, it helps bridge the gap between the ephemeris and daily life."
-Steven Forrest, Astrologer
Author of The Inner Sky
The Changing Sky

"It is very useful and instructive...quite wonderful."
-Jeff Green, Astrologer
Author of Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul
Uranus: Freedom From the Known

"The absolute best transit guide constructed by a computer for an individual that I have ever seen."
Alan Oken, Astrologer
Author of As Above, So Below
Astrology, Evolution and Revolution
Horoscope: The Road and Its Travelers

"Very impressive, extremely useful and well designed...a remarkable accomplishment, enough to renew one's faith in modern astrology's potential to be utilized intelligently along with the computer explosion...achieves the rare goal of integrating sensitivity, holistic perception, flexibility, subtlety, and individualized interpretations with the convenience and mathematical accuracy of computerized astrology."
-Stephen Arroyo, M.A.
Author of Astrology, Psychology and the Four Elements
Astrology, Karma and Transformation
Relationships and Life Cycles
The Practice and Profession of Astrology

"So beautiful and carefully done. I recommend it."
Leyla Raël-Rudhyar, Astrologer
Co-author of Astrological Aspects

"Thanks so much for such a terrific product. I really felt lost for the two days that I didn't have it in the beginning of July."
J. S., Customer

"Thank you so much. Each year I look forward to re-ordering."
E. R., Customer

"I won your book in a raffle - and even though I can print out detailed reports myself on my computer, I like your presentation so much, I want it again! I rarely continue to use appointment books after a month or so. Yours has been different... Again thanks for the fine product."
M. N., Customer

"So full of useful information...so much value for such a small price."
J. V., Customer

"Practical, intelligent, and well-designed...The design and layout is so attractive that you will want to put all your other appointment books away!...Applied astrology at its best."
Susan Dearborn Jackson, Review, Welcome to Planet Earth magazine

"It looks great, it's easy to readas a gift it's absolutely first rate."
Mary Downing, Review, National Council for Geocosmic Research Memberletter

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