Let's see if we can put aside for the moment our preconceived ideas of what the COSMIC WINDOW is and what it can do for you.

Yes, it is a calendar, and can be used like any other calendar, but that is not all that it is, or even its primary purpose.

And, if you understand astrology (which you don't need to), it is a transit listing or report, but that, again, is not its main reason for being.


Birth as Emergence

Before Birth, At Home

In the beginning, you were contained...

When you were born, you emerged from a closed and (hopefully) nurturing container (the womb) - a place you knew - into a new and unfamiliar surrounding. This may have been quite traumatic, what with all the pressure and suffocating tightness that birth can involve.

And on top of the potential trauma of the birth process, your new environment may have seemed quite alien and unfamiliar. All of this can make being born a very insecure experience, one that remains with you throughout life on some deep and usually unconscious level.

During Birth, Under Pressure

Many believe that life continues this birthing process, as we grow and experience new situations, whether they arise within from our own development or appear to approach us from the outside world around us.

After birth, you gradually become more familiar with your surroundings and the people in it, and the repetition of events and of the same people creates a sense of having a foundation which supports you, and a container (the family, the culture, religious beliefs, education, etc) in which you live.

Examples of birth as emergence: leaving home to go to school or begin a career; graduation from school; getting married; becoming a parent; adolescence; menopause; retirement.


The Need for a Container

We seem to prefer to live in some kind of container throughout life, at least until we outgrow them and they become too narrow, just like the womb. A container is anything you live "inside" of, whether it exists physically - like a house or a family - or mentally - like a set of beliefs or a point of view. Even a daily routine is a container. To lose one's familiar container can be a terrifying thing, which is one reason we tend to hold on to them so tightly.

Most of us do not like chaos or confusion, which tends to accompany change, especially change which we have not chosen for ourselves, but which appears to be thrust upon us. And now, in the early 21st century, chaos seems to be increasing, as the familiar and traditional appear to be eroding, and there is no clear vision or plan for the future to reassure us.

Examples of containers: job; school; marriage or partnership; family; friends; business; profession; roles.

Each time something changes in your life, it impacts that "container" you thought was there, securely holding you. If the change is big enough (job or career change, partnership change, health crisis, midlife, financial challenges, and particularly the death or loss of someone close to us) it can even shatter the foundation you have relied upon for your sense of security and well being. This is true even for changes you seek out and which offer happiness.

The Security of What You Know


In the midst of change, cracks appear in the "container" and our sense of safety within secure boundaries may be lost. It is hard at such times to appreciate the value of openness to new possibilities, while feeling so vulnerable.

At such times, life can be particularly challenging. And there is very little available to us to help us through these passages. In earlier days, there were the wise people of the community, or an understanding of change that relied on rituals that had been created to assist in our moving creatively through these crises. But now, for various reasons, we seem to lack the wisdom and rituals which could assist us, and instead, are offered medication to alleviate the stress and anxiety such "deaths" and "births" arouse.

Under such pressure, we instinctively can feel the "memory" of our birth and heightened anxiety.


Astrology as a Container

Now it has been believed by a certain segment of humanity that the movements of the planets are somehow able to convey pertinent information about the patterns and cycles of our lives. In earlier times, that segment was quite large, even the majority, including the official institutions of society like churches, royalty, and physicians. In our times, this acceptance of astrology has diminished because such an idea is incompatible with the scientific attitude and astrology cannot prove itself by statistical means, which is the only acceptable test for materialistic science.

Putting aside the arguments for or against astrology, the fact that it has enjoyed such wide acceptance during most of humanity's history, and has survived to our times since the beginning of recorded history, asks of you at least to test it for yourself, to see if there's anything to its claims that observations of planetary motion can somehow be connected with your own living experience.

What can this do for you?

At times when change in your life is provoking chaos and confusion, and the structures and containers which have provided you with security in the past are being challenged or even obliterated, finding meaningful patterns that correspond with what you are living and feeling can offer another, larger and more inclusive, container.

Change has left you without a container, open and vulnerable

There is something very reassuring, particularly in times of stress and unfamiliarity and questioning, in seeing that it does somehow seem to be the right time for what you are going through. It suggests that you are not alone, being tortured by an unfeeling and uncaring universe, but that you are participating in a process which has intelligence, meaning, and purpose, even if the big picture remains obscure.

This may sound abstract and too intellectual, but it really can make a great deal of difference.

Example of astrology as a container: When John Lennon was 5 years old, his mother left him with his aunt to be raised. A COSMIC WINDOW made specifically for him would have contained this paragraph for that time:

"During this period SATURN is OPPOSING your natal MOON. The principles of limitation and definition are entering through your feelings and most personal needs. This may not be an easy time for the inner Child. The part of you who is still a little girl or boy is likely now to feel abandoned, fearful, or unloved. This may be the result of certain obligations or responsibilities pressing upon you now. It is usually not easy to be flexible or fluid at times like this and your reactions may feel rigid or defensive. This is a time of maturation and two very different principles are trying to blend.

Your need for nurturance and warm personal contact is likely now to feel denied, because there is some kind of lesson for you about standing on your own. The challenge now is to see whether you are capable of taking responsibility for meeting your needs for love and support. Can you give these to yourself? To the degree that you can, you will likely find this a rewarding period. It is a good time for discipline or focus, as long as you don't deny your inner needs for play, touch, or belonging."

The point here is not whether this information would have helped a 5-year-old (it wouldn't), but to show how meaningful the astrological correspondences are with major (and minor) life events.

When John turned 15, he discovered rock and roll, which awakened him to his passion and destiny. The COSMIC WINDOW for him at that time would have said:

"During this period URANUS is OPPOSING your natal MOON. This is a major time of change in which you should look for ways to assimilate new experiences. You are likely to be called upon to adjust to changes in your life. They may be external or internal, meaning you could feel restless or a desire for stimulation. The playful inner Child, your instinctive knowing, and spontaneity can re-awaken now. New feelings may present themselves now; are you receptive? Look to some routine or structure in your life to give you a sense of stability, because it is likely that you will need that security in order to be flexible, as this time calls for. Even physical changes may occur at this time. New relationships or changes in existing relationships may provide you with the opportunity to be receptive to new experience. Unusual or unstable people may come into your life or leave. You are in a transitional time in which you may feel unsure about where your roots lie or where you belong."

He did change his appearance, and also met Paul McCartney.


What the COSMIC WINDOW Can Do for You

So the main reason the COSMIC WINDOW was created was to provide an easy and fun way of making the most important planetary cycles in your own life available. Whether you are concerned with short-term decisions like planning a vacation or when to ask your boss for a raise, or are facing a major challenge and wondering how best to navigate it, the COSMIC WINDOW can tell you what chief issues or factors are facing you, what the timing is, and how this fits into the overall unfolding of your life.

After the change you are more open, and flexible, and part of life's movement (ideally)

As you use your COSMIC WINDOW over time, it becomes a part of your life, something you can rely on to give you relevant and helpful information when you need it.

Some people only use one small section of the calendar, and that's what suits their needs. Others try to absorb as much of the information as they can. It doesn't matter. There is no one right way to use the COSMIC WINDOW.

So, to sum up:

Reason #1: The COSMIC WINDOW can make life situations easier to handle because they become more meaningful.

Reason #2: You can experience a growing sense of belonging and participation in the universe, rather than feeling like a pawn or victim.

Reason #3: You can choose your timing when possible to coincide with periods and cycles which favor your plans, and avoid situations where you would be unnecessarily "swimming against the tide."

Reason #4: You can deepen your experience of any situation by becoming aware of the main factors or forces involved (symbolized by the planets), and using the provided meditations, visualizations and affirmations to bring those factors to life.

Reason #5: Life can become like a "karma yoga" in which you perform the tasks, make the choices, and accept to do what is necessary as a ritual act bearing a sense of meaning and purpose. This can be particularly helpful when faced with unwanted responsibilities or situations that you cannot avoid.

Reason #6: Seeing the present as directly connected to earlier specific periods in your life (the Cycle Histories) offers insight, as well as a more integrated feeling of your life as an organic whole, going somewhere.

Reason #7: You develop a stronger sense of being contained by an intelligent process, deriving greater strength, peace and security by doing so.

Reason #8: You become more conscious.

Reason #9: All of the above can bring a sense of fun, and mystery, and broaden your horizons.